COVID-19 has changed the way we think, work, travel, and most importantly how we live. Additionally, it has also altered the way of meeting people formally and informally both. Events that used to be large, are also taking centre stage, with a smaller number of in-person attendees and a virtual component broadcasted to a virtual audience. In-person business meetings mostly shifted towards virtual audiences. For that purpose, the need for meeting rooms is increasing. Here we are to help you, we specialize in providing the perfect space you need for your meeting at an affordable cost. Whether you need a small meeting room to suit up to five people, or the full boardroom, you’ll find comfy, bright and spacious rooms with a stunning view.

In today’s time, office workers spend an average of 36% of their weekly time attending meetings. That’s why having good, comfy, spacious meeting rooms that fulfil their needs both creatively and practically is a critical step in their work. Offices and meeting rooms are very important and won’t be going away anywhere anytime soon.

One Business Centre’s meeting rooms has a wide and modern range of configurations which includes theatre, classroom, boardroom and cabaret. If you are still not sure what would be the modern and best layout for your event, don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be delighted to help you with this.

Once you’ve selected your layout according to your need, let us know, and your meeting room will be set up for you when you arrive.

If you’d like to view our meeting rooms, book your visit by filling in our online form, or by calling 971 (5) 59 17 5028