Are you looking to rent a training room in Dubai for your next session with your team? This article covers everything you need to make the best possible decision.

A training room is an important place when it comes to team building. It is a dedicated space designed and equipped for you to run all kinds of educational activities. The room can be set up and tailored to your specific requirements to allow for the best possible learning environment.

Your choice of training room can say a lot about your company and set the tone for your team. So, it’s a critical choice – especially for small businesses looking to get buy-in from their team and wanting to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s a chance to teach new skills and ensure everyone on the team has the knowledge they need to do their job. It’s also an opportunity to think about up-skilling so your workforce is ready for the future.

The importance of a good training room

The importance of quality training rooms for your company is paramount. Having a comfortable and quiet space with the necessary catering and technology can go a long way to ensure your training session brings results. In addition, it shows how much you value learning and training and allows the session to get off to a solid start.

It’s easy to think that having your training session in any space that can accommodate the team will suffice, but putting on a more professional front will garner a much better outcome for both you and your participants.

Factors to consider when renting a training room in Dubai

So, let’s break down what you need to think about to get the training room tailored to your needs.

Room size and layout considerations

Make sure the room is big enough to comfortably fit all your team members. Can you configure it to fit the nature of your training? It’s important that it fits what you’re trying to achieve.

Location and accessibility

Does the location say the right thing about your business? Does it send a powerful message? And can it be accessed with ease for those coming by car and by public transport?

Amenities and technology equipment

What does the room come with? Does it have good Wi-Fi, and does it include items such as markers, pads, flipcharts and whiteboards? It it’s a larger room, does it have a TV? Will there be a receptionist to greet those taking part in your training session? Are there catering options? It’s important to know these are things ahead of time.

Pricing and contractual terms

Getting the right room for the right price is essential. It’s also crucial to know whether you’re getting what you need from the room. Are you able to rent by the day or even the half day? What about by the hour? And is the room available at the weekend as well as on weekdays?

OBC’s training room rental services in Dubai

OBC has various options when it comes to training rooms in Dubai.

Training room in JLT Dubai

In JLT Dubai, we have seven training rooms to choose from, as well as an event space. Here you can expect TV, Wi-Fi, whiteboard and flipchart, as well as coffee and tea. The average price for this is between AED 90 and 250 per hour.

Training room in downtown Dubai

In downtown Dubai, we have a large boardroom that fits up to 18 people and includes a 75-inch TV, whiteboard, stationery, IT support and all the necessary IT ports for your presentations. We can serve tea and coffee and provide catering at an additional cost. Our boardroom is AED 225/hour for internal clients and AED 300/hour for external clients.

How to make the most of your rented training room in Dubai

What should you be thinking as you decide to rent a training room? There are five key things to keep in mind.

  • Think ahead: Before you get to your session, think carefully about what specific goals and objectives you want to achieve. Does the room you’re considering fit these requirements? Have you worked through a comprehensive checklist to ensure the room provides everything you need to deliver a productive training session? Consider what training materials you are going to distribute to your trainees, and whether that’s hand-outs or something for them to access online.
  • Consider customisation: One of the main things to think about while you’re doing your pre-planning is how you want to adapt the training room to meet your specific needs. For example, how will you arrange the furniture to ensure you get the kind of collaboration and discussion you’re looking for?
  • Get there early: When you arrive at the training room, do a quick inventory to ensure everything you need is there, from seating to equipment to catering. It’s also a great idea to test any audio-visual equipment you might be using (especially videoconferencing) to avoid any delays while you’re in mid-training.
  • Get the most out of the technology: To create as dynamic a space as possible, try to use the audio-visual technology in an original way to really engage with your trainees. Think about how you can make your presentation more interesting using technology and multimedia.
  • Make it interactive: Training is not one-way communication. To ensure you get the most from your session and training room, create activities that engage your participants from beginning to end. Think about how people tend to get tired after lunch and plan activities accordingly. Plan out key discussion points and group work. Consider having big group activities as well as break-out sessions. And don’t forget to include breaks so people can have tea or coffee and have time for a bit of rejuvenation between sessions.

Working with One Business Centre

There are many benefits of training rooms in Dubai – from customisation options to affordability, and there are flexible rental options for businesses of all sizes.

In our training rooms, you will get the ideal space for your next session at a great rate. Our friendly, professional team are ready should you need anything during your session and can also help with organising any requirements for catering.

To find out more, to rent your next training room, or to book a free tour, contact One Business Centre.