Dubai serves as a vibrant hub for businesses seeking growth and innovation. In this article, we explore the advantages of serviced office spaces, with a focus on OBC’s offerings. You’ll learn about the convenience and flexibility of their fully-equipped workspaces across Dubai’s prime locations. By the conclusion, you’ll gain insights into how such spaces can support your business’s operational needs in a dynamic environment.

Serviced office space for rent in Dubai

In this section, we delve into the specifics of serviced office spaces available for rent in Dubai, focusing on the exceptional offerings by OBC. These spaces are designed for businesses seeking a seamless setup in some of Dubai’s most prestigious locations. We’ll cover the key aspects that make our serviced offices a standout choice, from their work areas to the included utilities.

Work area

OBC’s workspaces are not just about providing a desk – they offer a fully-furnished and equipped environment where businesses can flourish from day one. With modern, ergonomic office furniture, these professional settings ensure productivity and comfort. Everything needed to get straight down to business is at your fingertips, including dedicated meeting and conference room facilities. Additionally, all utility costs are wrapped into one, simplifying financial planning.


Recognising the critical role of technology in today’s business world, OBC ensures world-class IT and telecoms infrastructure. This provision spares companies the complexities of ownership and maintenance. Secure, business-grade internet and data connections, inclusive, secure WiFi, and guest WiFi to the latest standards are readily available. Furthermore, phone handsets, lines, and inclusive local and national calls from direct dial phones are part of the package, enabling seamless communication.


At OBC, the focus is on letting you concentrate on what truly matters—your business. A professional team is on hand to manage every detail meticulously. Services include mail handling by our reception team, a receptionist to greet guests, personalised telephone answering, and access to essential office equipment like printers, scanners, and photocopiers.

An in-house operation and maintenance team ensures everything runs smoothly, while administrative support is available for tasks like document collation or courier arrangements.


OBC’s serviced offices boast an array of facilities that cater to every business need, from food and beverage catering with a dedicated barista to business lounges and break-out areas for relaxation and informal meetings.

The premises are maintained to the highest standards, including office cleaning and maintenance. Security is paramount, with 24/7 access, building security, CCTV, and lockable storage units. Additionally, on-site secure car parking and retail amenities like cafes, ATMs, and convenience stores add to the convenience.

OBC’s locations in JLT Dubai, Dubai Media City, and Downtown Dubai offer prestigious addresses for your business. Each location is chosen with strategic business growth in mind, ensuring your company benefits from the prestige and connectivity of Dubai’s prime business districts.

Technology and services at OBC

Understanding the importance of seamless operations, OBC has designed its offerings to ensure that businesses can thrive without worrying about the logistical challenges often associated with technology and office management.

World-class IT and telecom infrastructure

At the heart of OBC’s technological offerings is a robust IT and telecom infrastructure. Companies benefit from secure, business-grade internet and data connections, ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently. OBC’s commitment to staying ahead means offering inclusive, secure WiFi and guest WiFi according to the latest standards. Moreover, the provision of phone handsets, lines, and inclusive local and national calls facilitates effortless internal and external communication.

Professional support services

OBC’s services extend far beyond just the physical workspace. A dedicated reception team is always on standby to handle mail and greet guests, creating a professional first impression. Personalised telephone answering services further enhance your business’s image, ensuring that every call is handled with the utmost professionalism.

For those everyday office needs, access to a printer, scanner, and photocopier is readily available, along with the support of an in-house operation and maintenance team to ensure everything operates without a hitch.

Additionally, administrative support is there to assist with various tasks, from document collation to arranging couriers, allowing you to focus on your business’s core activities.

Emphasising operational efficiency

OBC’s technology and services are meticulously designed to empower businesses with operational efficiency. By removing the typical headaches associated with office management and technology maintenance, companies can concentrate on their growth and development.

This holistic approach to serviced office space ensures that businesses have everything they need to succeed in Dubai’s competitive landscape.

Facilities and amenities

In this section, we explore the extensive range of facilities and amenities that OBC offers to businesses in its serviced office spaces.

These features enhance the work environment, providing comfort, convenience, and security to companies and their employees.

Comprehensive catering and relaxation areas

OBC understands the importance of nourishment and downtime in the workplace. Therefore, it offers food and beverage catering services, including a dedicated barista, ensuring you and your team have access to high-quality refreshments throughout the day.

Business lounges and smaller break-out areas are available for relaxation and informal meetings, offering spaces where ideas can flow freely in a more relaxed setting.

Maintenance and security

Maintaining a clean and secure work environment is paramount at OBC. Office cleaning and maintenance are conducted regularly, ensuring a tidy and professional workspace. Security measures are rigorous, with 24/7 access, building security, and CCTV surveillance providing peace of mind. Additionally, lockable storage units offer secure storage solutions for sensitive documents and personal items.

Additional conveniences

Recognising the diverse needs of businesses, OBC provides several additional conveniences. On-site secure car parking facilities alleviate the daily hassle of finding parking, while retail amenities within the building, such as cafes, ATMs, and a convenience store, add an extra layer of convenience, ensuring that everything you need is readily accessible.

OBC’s serviced offices are not just about providing a place to work; they are about creating an ecosystem that supports businesses in every possible way. From catering to security, every facility and amenity has been thoughtfully designed to ensure businesses can operate smoothly and efficiently.


OBC’s serviced office spaces in Dubai offer a seamless blend of modern workspaces, cutting-edge technology, professional services, and comprehensive facilities. These elements combine to provide businesses with an unparalleled opportunity to thrive in Dubai’s dynamic market. Choosing OBC means opting for convenience, efficiency, and a supportive environment designed to foster growth and success.