‘Quiet’ is unlikely to be the first word that springs to mind when you picture Dubai. The emirate is famed for big business, sky-high buildings and always-on excess.

But within this buzzing emirate – and perhaps because of it – there is a growing demand for quiet workspaces. These areas of peace and tranquility are perfect for escaping the noise of the city and getting down to some serious work.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best quiet workspaces on offer in Dubai and the many benefits of working in this way.

Quiet Workspaces in Dubai

The quiet workspace that’s right for you will depend on the size and requirements of your business. But to help you narrow down your search, we’ve summarised a few of our favourites from across the emirate.

OBC Downtown Dubai

OBC Downtown Dubai puts everything a business entrepreneur might need in one place. Whether you require a coworking desk, a temporary office or a permanent space, Dubai Downtown has you covered.

As well as the basics like desk space and high-speed internet, OBC Downtown Dubai is packed with additional facilities, from ergonomic furniture and meeting rooms to cafes, restaurants, barista-made coffee and dedicated break-out areas.

Package prices are inclusive of all utility bills, and secure on-site parking is provided.

Features and amenities that make it a quiet workspace

Many of the features of OBC Downtown Dubai make it perfect for quiet working. For example, you have the option of leasing a private and enclosed office to shut out the noise of the outside world.

If you need even more peace and quiet, the workspace provides dedicated soundproof booths suitable for phone calls and video meetings.

OBC Media City

With stunning views of the Palm Jumeirah, OBC Media City is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get down to business.

Its luxurious coworking spaces in the Media One Hotel are fully serviced and designed to spark creativity, leaving you to focus on running your business without distraction.

As well as office and meeting room space, OBC Media City provides a range of vital business support, company incorporation, PRO and reception services.

Features and amenities that make it a quiet workspace

OBC Media City’s open-plan workspace is designed to allow for privacy and quiet time when required.

The centre also offers private workspaces for rent and dedicated office space on a long-term basis. So you can shut out any noise and distractions and focus solely on your next big idea.


OBC JLT IS Dubai’s newest Gold LEED-accredited commercial office tower. This premium centre in the heart of the UAE is primed for trade with every corner of the world.

Here, you have the choice of creative coworking spaces, meeting rooms and luxury, fully serviced offices. Once again, OBC JLT also offers its businesses a wide range of business facilities and assistance, from high-speed internet and on-site parking to PRO and reception services.

Features and amenities that make it a quiet workspace

In your private, dedicated office space, you’ll be sheltered from the outside world and free to work in peace.

OBC JLT offers spaces of all sizes, from single-person cabins to offices for up to 70 people. So, whether you’re a large business or a solopreneur, you’ll have a quiet place to work.

The centre also offers soundproof booths for telephone calls and video meetings.

The Benefits of Quiet Workspaces

Working in a quiet space has many benefits, helping you stay focused and more productive.

1. Reduce stress

Whether we realise it or not, continued exposure to background noise can lead to overstimulation and increased stress levels.

When we work in a quiet space, we tend to be more relaxed and therefore better equipped to do our best work.

2. Better decision making

When we work without noise and other distractions, we have more time to reflect, gather our thoughts and analyse the challenges we are facing.

By taking a calm and measured approach to business decisions, we are better placed to consider the consequences of each option before opting for the most suitable.

3. Great learning environments

Quiet spaces can help with focus and information retention. So, if we are learning or teaching a new skill, we are more likely to succeed when working away from background noise.

Working regularly in quiet spaces can help us absorb knowledge and learn new skills more quickly than in louder, more distracting environments.

How to Choose the Right Quiet Workspace

While all quiet workspaces offer the benefits listed above, each will also offer its own specific advantages. So, before deciding which one is right for you, there are few things to consider.

1. Location

Do you need a quiet environment outside the office, too? If so, you’d be better off choosing a location away from the busy business district.

Equally, if you need easy access to transport links, you’ll need to find a more easily accessible workspace.

2. Facilities

Some quiet workspaces are tailored to certain industries, such as technology, science or media, offering amenities, facilities and services to suit.

So, if you work in a specialised sector and need more than a workspace, internet access and business support services, you may be better suited to an industry-specific workspace.

3. Flexibility

In today’s working world, the office is no longer a single, fixed location for many businesses.

If you don’t intend to be in the office for more than a day or two a week, you may be better off working at a centre offering pay-as-you-go or flexidesk services.

Equally, if you know you are going to be office-based for the long term, it would likely be more cost-effective to take a more permanent lease rather than paying by the week or month.


In today’s hectic world, the importance of a quiet workspace cannot be overstated. When you need time to focus, create or collaborate, you want to do so in the best possible environment.

Peaceful workspaces have been shown to boost productivity, creativity and even happiness. So, why would you want to work anywhere else?

If you’re ready to take the next step to securing your quiet workspace in Dubai, get in touch with One Business Centre for a tour of our facilities.