Explore the advantages of One Business Centre (OBC) compared to traditional office spaces such as Uptown JLT. This article covers key areas, including lease flexibility, cost-efficiency, amenities, and IT infrastructure, highlighting why OBC is the top choice for businesses looking to open an office in Jumeirah Lake Towers.

Lease flexibility

Lease terms often dictate the level of commitment a business must make, impacting its agility and growth potential.

This section contrasts the lease options available at One Business Centre (OBC) and Uptown JLT, highlighting how flexibility can support businesses in a rapidly changing market environment.

Lease term comparison

Uptown JLT requires a minimum commitment of five years for office spaces in a prime Central Business District (CBD) location, which can be restrictive for businesses seeking scalability.

Conversely, OBC offers a range of lease terms from just one month up to a year, providing unparalleled adaptability for companies at any stage of their development.

Implications for business flexibility

Such lease flexibility at OBC allows organisations to respond swiftly to market changes and adjust their space requirements without the burden of long-term financial commitments.

This adaptability is particularly advantageous for startups and dynamic companies that experience fluctuating growth rates.

Next, we will look at the financial aspects, examining the cost efficiency of choosing OBC over a conventional office space.

Cost efficiency

Evaluating the financial implications of your office choice is crucial for sustaining and growing your business. Below, we compare the costs associated with Uptown JLT and One Business Centre (OBC), demonstrating how OBC offers significant savings and financial benefits, particularly for those looking to optimise their budget in a premium location.

Detailed cost breakdown

At Uptown JLT, businesses face a minimum rent of AED 200 to 230 per square foot per annum, along with a service fee of AED 18 per square foot, not to mention separate charges for utilities like electricity and air conditioning, which can total AED 96,333 monthly for a standard office space.

OBC, on the other hand, simplifies this by bundling all these expenses into a monthly charge of AED 12,399, which includes rent, utilities, and additional services.

Long-term financial benefits

OBC minimises upfront costs and eliminates the need for a substantial fit-out investment, which at Uptown JLT can reach up to AED 450,000, amortised over five years. This approach at OBC significantly reduces financial strain and enhances cash flow management for businesses, allowing them to allocate resources to other critical areas like growth and development.

Security deposit requirements

For new tenants at Uptown JLT, the security deposit can range from three to six months of rent, imposing a hefty initial financial burden.

OBC offers a more manageable security deposit of just two months’ rent, further alleviating upfront costs and easing entry for new and growing businesses.

Moving to the next section, we will explore the amenities and office fit-outs provided by OBC, which contribute to its overall value proposition by enhancing the daily working experience and reducing additional expenditures.

Office amenities and fit-out

Choosing the right office environment can significantly impact your team’s productivity and overall business operations.

This section highlights the ready-to-use amenities and office setups provided by One Business Centre (OBC) compared to the conventional offerings at Uptown JLT, showcasing how OBC simplifies the move-in process and enhances the workplace experience.

Office setup and initial costs

As previously noted, businesses in Uptown JLT are subject to significant upfront costs, as the expense for office fit-outs can reach AED 450,000, spread over five years. This expense covers everything from furniture to technical equipment.

In stark contrast, OBC offers fully equipped offices that include high-quality furniture, executive desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and necessary technical gear with no additional outlay required. This turnkey solution allows businesses to operate immediately without the high upfront costs.

Included amenities

OBC provides a comprehensive range of amenities that contribute to a productive and impressive work environment.

These include a front reception with stunning views, access to boardrooms, meeting facilities, and a shared, fully functional kitchen. All these facilities come without the extra cost typically associated with such premium features.

Additionally, building outgoings, electricity, air conditioning, and cleaning services are all included, ensuring a hassle-free business operation.

Next, we will focus on the IT and communication infrastructure at OBC. This discussion will cover how the centre ensures reliable connectivity and robust support, crucial for modern businesses to thrive.

IT and communication infrastructure

Reliable IT support and robust communication systems are pivotal for ensuring business continuity and enhancing productivity.

This section explores the superior IT infrastructure and communication services provided by One Business Centre (OBC) compared to the more traditional setup at Uptown JLT, underscoring OBC’s commitment to facilitating seamless business operations.

IT support and communication systems

OBC distinguishes itself by providing in-house IT support and a full-time receptionist to greet and assist guests, which contrasts sharply with Uptown JLT’s reliance on outsourced IT services that may lead to potential delays and additional costs.

At OBC, businesses benefit from on-hand technical support and a comprehensive communication package that includes dedicated receptionist services, answering services, telephone and line rental, and shared internet connection, all for a significantly lower cost of AED 399 per month.

Reliability and business continuity

The communication and IT setup at OBC is designed to minimise downtime and support rapid problem resolution, which is essential for today’s digitally driven business environments.

The infrastructure includes a business-grade 275 Mbps internet connection, ensuring high-speed access and data reliability. This level of connectivity is critical for businesses that rely heavily on online operations and remote communications.

In the next section, we will delve into additional services and benefits that OBC offers, focusing on how these enhance the daily business experience and provide significant value beyond just the physical office space.

Additional services and benefits

The right workspace is more than just a physical location – it’s a supportive environment that enhances operational efficiency and fosters community engagement.

Here, we explore the additional services and benefits provided by One Business Centre (OBC), which go beyond the basic offerings of conventional office spaces like Uptown JLT.

Incidental benefits

OBC enhances daily business operations by including all essential incidentals. Amenities such as unlimited tea and instant coffee, filtered water, and mail delivery services are all part of the package, without additional charges.

This inclusion contrasts with Uptown JLT, where similar services can add substantial costs and logistical challenges to daily operations.

Community and networking opportunities

One of the standout features of OBC is its vibrant community atmosphere, which promotes networking and collaborative opportunities among tenants. This community-driven approach is supported by regular events and meetups not typically found in traditional office settings.

Engaging in this dynamic network can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, and invaluable peer interactions critical for business growth and innovation.


In summary, One Business Centre (OBC) offers unparalleled flexibility, cost efficiency, and comprehensive services that significantly surpass those of a conventional office like Uptown JLT.

From flexible lease terms to all-inclusive amenities and robust IT support, OBC is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of modern businesses, enabling them to thrive without the constraints of traditional office spaces.

Choosing OBC means opting for an environment that supports growth, fosters community, and maximises operational efficiency.