The way we work has changed dramatically in recent years. For many of us, the office is now wherever we want it to be. This evolution has led to a rise in the demand for more casual, hourly workspaces.

The good news is, there are several such spaces on offer here in Dubai. Each provides incredible flexibility, convenience and affordability compared to permanent setups, as well as unique advantages of their own.

In this article, we’ll look at the best of these locations and the many benefits of working in this way.

Hourly workspaces for rent in Dubai

While hourly workspaces offer many of the same benefits, the one that’s right for you will depend on your circumstances. Here is a rundown of a few of our favourite setups to help you find the perfect fit.

Hourly workspace for rent in Downtown Dubai

OBC’s Emaar Building 6 is an eight-storey coworking facility in downtown Dubai. Part of a six-building development that forms Emaar Square, it’s home to a variety of office spaces and a broad selection of business facilities.

The centre offers 40-, 80- or 120-hour monthly packages, giving businesses and entrepreneurs the flexibility to make use of its high-speed internet, breakout areas and ergonomic furniture as required.

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Hourly workspace for rent in Dubai Media City

OBC’s Dubai Media City facility is in the heart of Media City, with incredible views of the Jumeirah Palm. As well as fully serviced offices, the centre also offers multi-hour monthly packages for businesspeople who wish to use the facilities on a more flexible basis.

Again, these are available in 40-, 80- or 120-hour packages. As the name suggests, the centre is tailored to businesses in media and related industries such as advertising, marketing and event management.

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Hourly workspace for rent in JLT Dubai

OBC also offers hourly workspaces in Dubai’s newest premium grade and Gold LEED-accredited commercial office tower. Our One JLT Tower facility includes a range of luxury, fully serviced offices and creative coworking spaces.

The centre also offers reception support, PRO services and company incorporation assistance.

Businesses and entrepreneurs wishing to make use of these facilities on a flexible basis can do so with packages offering access for up to 40, 80 or 120 hours per month.

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The benefits of hourly workspaces


Perhaps the biggest benefit of doing business in an hourly workspace is flexibility. With a multi-hour monthly package, you can make use of world-class facilities without being tied into lengthy contracts.

With desk space, meeting rooms, high-speed internet, printers and other amenities available when you need them, you can work in a way that suits you.


Hourly workspaces are also a great way to reduce your overheads. By buying an hourly package, you get the freedom to use professional office facilities as much as you need to – without paying for them when you don’t.

When you only pay for what you need, you get the best of both worlds – a professional office environment without the usual costs.

Networking opportunities

Hourly workspaces offer great networking opportunities. When you regularly work alongside entrepreneurs and other businesspeople across multiple sectors, you can forge new relationships, get advice and feel inspired by like-minded people.

Many centres also run dedicated networking events, giving you the chance to connect with people who can help your business thrive.

Better productivity

Working in one place can lead to boredom, fatigue and lack of focus. In contrast, working in fast-paced coworking environments has been shown to boost creativity, efficiency and productivity.

With an hourly workspace, you can get the space you need to concentrate, the collaboration to inspire new ideas and the variety to help you stay engaged.

Tips for choosing the right hourly workspace

As with any important business decision, choosing the right hourly workspace takes careful consideration. When choosing the facility that’s right for you, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Do you prefer quiet contemplation or a busy business district? Do you need to be well-connected by road, sea and air? Do you want to walk, drive or take public transport to your workspace? These are all things you need to consider when choosing the facility that’s right for you.


After location, you’ll also need to consider what facilities you require from your hourly workspace. Many offer high-speed internet, printing facilities, reception services, company incorporation assistance and other business support services.

If you need industry-specific support, you should look into facilities catering to specific sectors, such as OBC’s offices in Media City.


The package that is right for you will depend largely on two factors. Firstly, how often do you need to use the facility? After all, there’s no need to pay for 80 hours if you are unlikely to use more than 40.

Secondly, you’ll need to check what’s included in the package price. If you need additional services such as meeting room use and telephone services, these may carry an extra cost.


Finally, you will need to find an hourly workspace that aligns with your budget. As flexible packages are much more cost-efficient than long-term leases, it is usually possible to find an affordable facility that meets your needs.


Traditional office space solutions no longer meet the needs of many businesses. With the possibility of working from anywhere in the world, entrepreneurs need flexible workspaces without paying for services and facilities that they will probably never use.

OBC’s hourly workspaces are built to satisfy this demand, giving you the space you need to do your best work, whenever you need it – without the cost of a permanent office.

If you’d like to learn more about OBC’s hourly workspace packages in Dubai, get in touch for a personalised quote and a tour of our facilities.