If you’re looking for an affordable virtual office in Dubai then this article will cover everything you need in order to make the best possible decision.

Making the right choice is critical – a really good affordable virtual office should cover everything you need, from having a physical address and someone to handle post and package collection right through to access to co-working spaces and networking opportunities. It really is the best of both worlds and all for a much lower price than a permanent office.

So in this article, we will cover:

  • What is a virtual office?
  • Affordable virtual office Dubai
  • The benefits of using virtual offices, especially in a city like Dubai
  • The cost advantages of virtual offices in Dubai
  • How to assess the credibility and reliability of a virtual office provider

What is a virtual office?

Let’s start with the basics. Essentially, a virtual office enables companies and individuals to have a physical business presence without the need for a dedicated physical office space. It can provide a huge range of business services remotely while also including a prestigious business address, mail handling and forwarding, telephone answering services, receptionists – as well as meeting rooms and co-working spaces. This allows you to project a professional image to your clients and prospects, establish a local presence in Dubai, and benefit from admin support. You get this at a much lower cost than renting or owning a traditional office.

Virtual offices are important in the current digital business landscape because they offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. That means you can adapt to changing market demands. Virtual offices also enable remote work, vital if you have geographically dispersed teams. They also enhance the credibility of your business due to giving you a prestige physical address.

Affordable virtual office Dubai

Here are some of the key questions you should ask when assessing the right virtual office for you:

  • Can you use the address on all your company documents and website?
  • Will they handle and sign for post and parcels?
  • What about post collection during business hours?
  • Do they offer a local phone number with access to a receptionist to handle your calls in your company’s name?
  • Is there access to meeting rooms and boardrooms at a good price?
  • Is there access to co-working space during business hours?
  • Does it have high speed Wi-Fi?
  • Is there access to printing and scanning?
  • How do you pay – is there a flexible contract month by month?
  • Can you have free use of a private office?
  • What about networking events and opportunities?
  • Are there any incentives, such as the first month rent free?
  • Is there a security deposit when paying by credit card?

The benefits of using virtual offices, especially in a city like Dubai

Using virtual offices in a city like Dubai allows businesses to establish a presence in a prestigious location without the high costs associated with physical office spaces. Alongside providing a professional business address that enhances credibility, they also offer access to local phone numbers and receptionist services, making communication with clients and partners. You are putting out to the world that you are an established, professional organisation.

Virtual offices are also part of Dubai’s dynamic business ecosystem, enabling networking opportunities and access to potential customers.

The cost advantages of virtual offices in Dubai

Let’s now look at how and where you save costs when using a virtual office.

  • Comparison of costs – traditional offices versus virtual offices: Traditional offices typically involve significant upfront costs, such as lease payments, utility bills, furniture, and maintenance expenses. In contrast, virtual offices have lower costs as they eliminate the need for physical space and associated expenses. Virtual offices offer a cost-effective alternative, especially for businesses with budget constraints or remote work arrangements.
  • Where you save: Virtual offices offer substantial cost savings compared to traditional offices. Firstly, there are no rental expenses as virtual offices eliminate the need for physical space. Additionally, businesses save on utilities like electricity, water, and internet bills since they operate remotely. Transport costs are reduced as employees work from home, saving on commuting expenses. You can then meet at the co-working space or meeting rooms for those important in-person team building sessions. Other related overheads, such as office maintenance, furniture, and equipment, are also eliminated. These cost savings allow businesses to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in other areas of growth.
  • Description of services usually included in a virtual office package: Virtual office packages typically include a range of services to support businesses remotely. These services commonly include a prestigious business address in a desirable location, mail and package handling, and forwarding services. A dedicated phone number with call answering and forwarding options is often provided, along with voicemail services. Virtual office packages may also include access to meeting rooms or conference facilities on-demand. Additional services like virtual receptionist support, administrative assistance, and access to coworking spaces or business lounges may be included as well, depending on the package chosen.

How to assess the credibility and reliability of a virtual office provider

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As we have seen, an affordable virtual office in Dubai can mean savings across the board – from rent and utilities, to the benefits of having a company address and receptionist services. They can give that important sheen of professionalism to your business, something that’s vital for smaller companies and larger geographically dispersed businesses alike. At OBC, our virtual offices mean you will get just what you need at a great price. And it’s stamped with the OBC level of high quality that is associated with our physical office spaces.

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