This article covers everything you need to make the best possible decision when looking for a furnished office for rent in Dubai.

Making the right choice is critical – a really good furnished office should provide everything you need, incorporating what you would expect from a permanent office space, but at a much lower overall cost.

In this article, we will cover:

  • The benefits of renting a furnished office in Dubai
  • Furnished office for rent in Dubai
  • OBC’s furnished office for rent in Downtown Dubai
  • OBC’s furnished office for rent in JLT Dubai
  • OBC’s furnished office for rent in Dubai Media City
  • The process of renting a furnished office in Dubai
  • Factors to consider when choosing a furnished office in Dubai

The benefits of renting a furnished office in Dubai

Renting a furnished office in Dubai offers numerous advantages for businesses. First, it saves time and resources as the office is already equipped with essential furniture and equipment. This flexibility allows for quick setup so you can get right to work. Second, it reduces upfront costs, avoiding significant initial investments in furnishings. Third, furnished offices often come with added amenities like IT infrastructure, cleaning services and communal spaces, making it easier for your team to get work done.

Additionally, these kinds of offices are usually located in prime business districts, providing a prestigious address and easy access for your team and clients. Overall, opting for a furnished office in Dubai gives you a cost-effective and convenient solution for establishing a professional workspace.

Furnished office for rent in Dubai

Let’s look at what OBC can offer you in Dubai.

OBC’s furnished office for rent in Downtown Dubai

OBC offers a full range of options at our Downtown location in the Emaar Square Building, including everything you would expect from high-end furnished offices at a prestigious address – perfect for the freelancer, entrepreneur or startup wanting that professional edge for their business.

OBC’s furnished office for rent in JLT Dubai

Located in Dubai’s newest premium grade commercial office tower in the heart the UAE’s most dynamic free zone for trade, our location at Jumeirah Lakes Towers provides a range of luxury, fully serviced offices and creative co-working spaces supported by in-house services including company incorporation, full PRO services and extended reception services. Regardless of your business size, our JLT offices can be tailored to your requirements.

OBC’s furnished office for rent in Dubai Media City

Located in the heart of Media City, our furnished offices in Media One Hotel provide everything you need – fully serviced furnished offices, easy access to our amenities, company incorporation, PRO and reception services. From small businesses to large, our furnished offices can accommodate companies of all sizes.

The process of renting a furnished office in Dubai

These are the steps required for renting a furnished office in Dubai.

Research and budgeting: Start out by conducting thorough research on available furnished office spaces in Dubai. Set your budget and identify the rental range that suits your business needs.

Identify location and size: Choose a suitable location that aligns with your business requirements. Determine the size of the office space needed based on the number of employees and workspace requirements.

Contact furnished office providers: Reach out to reputable providers in Dubai. Discuss your preferences, budget, and specific needs to find suitable options.

View and compare options: Schedule visits to view different furnished office spaces. Compare amenities, facilities, lease terms and additional services offered.

Review agreement: Carefully review the lease agreement, ensuring clarity on rent, deposit, utilities and maintenance responsibilities.

Finalise the deal: Negotiate the rental terms, including the lease duration and any additional services required. Once the terms are agreed, finalise the deal and sign the lease agreement.

Move-in: On the agreed date, move into the furnished office space. Customise the workspace to meet your branding and operational requirements, but double-check what is and what is not allowed by the agreement.

Compliance and legal requirements: Ensure compliance with all legal requirements related to business licensing and permits. Register your tenancy contract with the appropriate authorities if required by Dubai regulations.

By following these steps, businesses can smoothly navigate the process of renting a furnished office in Dubai and establish an efficient and professional workspace.

Factors to consider when choosing a furnished office in Dubai

When selecting a furnished office in Dubai, several essential factors should be carefully considered to ensure it meets the specific needs of your business.

Location: Choose an office space located strategically in a prime business district or a location accessible to your target market, clients and employees. Consider proximity to transportation hubs and amenities such as restaurants and banks.

Size and layout: Evaluate the size of the office to ensure it can comfortably accommodate your team and any future growth. Assess the layout to ensure it supports your business operations.

Amenities and services: Check the amenities provided, such as furniture, internet connectivity, phone lines, meeting rooms and kitchen facilities. Additionally, ask about additional services such as reception support and cleaning.

Lease terms and flexibility: Review the lease duration and terms to ensure they align with your business plans.

Cost and budget: Assess the total cost of renting the furnished office, including rent, maintenance and any hidden charges. Ensure it fits within your budget constraints.

Infrastructure and technology: Ensure the office has adequate IT infrastructure and support for your business needs, including reliable internet and security systems.

Reputation and quality: Research the reputation of the office provider or landlord to gauge the quality of their services and customer satisfaction.

Accessibility and parking: Check the availability of parking spaces for you and your clients, as well as accessibility for people with disabilities.

Legal and compliance: Ensure the office space complies with all necessary legal requirements and regulations, including business licensing and tenancy agreements.

Future expansion possibilities: Consider the potential for expansion within the same office space or within the building, allowing your business to grow without the need for relocation.


As we have demonstrated, a furnished office in Dubai can bring savings across the board – having your own furnished office ready to go without all the hassle means you can focus on what really matters: your business. And at OBC, you will get the high quality you need at an affordable price.

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